WATCH: Police intervene as crazed anti-trans evangelist screams at teens about bathroom sex
Evangelist Angela Cummings tries to convert high schoolers at Scotia-Glenville High School (Screen cap)

Over the past week, we've seen a lot of videos of angry Christians storming through Target to yell about the evils of transgender people in public restrooms. Per, one such manic street preacher was a woman named Angela Cummings, who last week berated Target shoppers in Queensbury, NY for doing business in an establishment that let transgender people use the restrooms that correspond to their gender identity.

This week, Cummings moved her woman-of-God act from local shopping malls to the nearby Scotia-Glenville High School, where she gave students there an earful about what awful human beings they were.

"Many of you don't have knowledge," she bellowed at passing students. "You watch too much MTV, gangster music, and you live for the devil. Some of you even smoke pot! It's time to repent!"

She was soon confronted by a school official who asked her to stop bothering students. She refused to oblige.

"Next year, Obama is going to let you men, you young men, use the girls' bathroom!" she hollered. "It's time for you to start homeschooling! Just yesterday a girl had sex in a bathroom in a high school bathroom with 28..."

At this point she was interrupted by the school's vice principal, who angrily asked her to stop yelling about sex in high school bathrooms. Once again, she refused to oblige.

"There is sex in the bathroom in high schools!" she shouted.

It's unclear why the thought of rampant bathroom sex was supposed to scare the teens away from public schooling, but apparently she thought this was a clever PR tactic.

At any rate, the police eventually intervened and got Cummings to cool it down for a bit so the kids could leave school for the day in relative peace and quiet.

Check out the whole video below.