White supremacists want everyone to see the new ‘Angry Birds’ movie — and here’s why
The Angry Birds Movie (Screen cap)

White supremacists just don't get a lot of love in popular culture, which is why they typically have to appropriate music, movies and art that have nothing to do with white nationalism and claim them as their own. They have a strange affinity neo-Nazis have for "Aryan goddess" Taylor Swift and now they've developed a similar love for the new Angry Birds movie.

The animated kids' movie that's based on a classic smartphone game? Yes, that's right: White nationalists really like the Angry Birds movie, and a new essay posted on white nationalist website VDARE.com by author James Kirkpatrick explains why.

The movie tells the story of an outcast red bird who is also the only member of his tribe to be suspicious of a group of green pigs who have just arrived on their island. According to Kirkpatrick, the red bird is the lonely white nationalist trying to warn his fellow citizens about the dangers of immigrants.

"As it turns out, the pigs are only at the island to eat the eggs of the birds," he writes. "Using explosives (much like another group of refugees, one which really doesn’t like pork), they blow up the houses of the birds and steal the eggs. Red suddenly finds himself thrust from outcast to leader and rouses the birds to a righteous fury.... There’s no moment where the two tribes learn that they actually are the same. They are just enemies. Good guys win, bad guys lose, and we have a few laughs along the way."

Of course, by the same token, we could also make a pro-communist narrative about this movie. After all, notice that it's the red bird who's warning against the greedy designs of the green capitalist pigs? You didn't think of that symbolism, did you, comrade?

At any rate, a quick scan of hate websites like The Daily Stormer and StormFront.org reveals that Kirkpatrick is not alone in his wild-eyed theories about the Angry Birds movie. But if Taylor Swift lyrics can be secretly turning young teenyboppers into hardened white nationalists, we suppose Angry Birds could be pulling the same trick.