'A laser-guided bomb aimed at the Trump campaign': Anti-Trump GOPers plot their last stand
Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

The efforts of anti-Trump Republicans to stop the presumptive GOP nominee have so far fallen short, but they're nonetheless preparing to make a final stand.

The Hill has an interesting piece on the efforts of "Never Trump" Republican delegates to overthrow Donald Trump at this year's Republican National Convention, and they insist their chances of succeeding are better than anyone is giving them credit for.

"This is a laser-guided bomb aimed right at the foundation of the Trump campaign," Virginia GOP delegate Beau Correll tells The Hill.

The major challenge for these anti-Trump delegates won't be convincing their fellow delegates to undermine the wills of voters in their states, but in convincing the Rules Committee to unbind the delegates to let them vote their consciences. It's in this area where the anti-Trump Republicans appear badly outgunned.

Beau Correll, we should recall, was the GOP delegate who filed a lawsuit late last week in which he argued that he should be allowed to vote his conscience at this year’s Republican National Convention instead of being forced to vote for a candidate whom he has no desire to vote for.

If Correll's lawsuit is successful, it could effectively unbind the delegates without any changes from the Rules Committee, although its chances of success at this point are pretty remote.

"They’ve laid down the dried leaves to start the fire but they need lightning to strike," an anonymous "prominent conservative lawyer" told The Hill. "It is really tough to organize the kind of whip operation you need at something as sprawling as Republican National Convention. Really, really tough."