Anti-gay preacher barred from fundraising now wants death penalty for adultery
Pastor Steven Anderson (Screenshot/YouTube)
When someone says that homosexuality is worthy of death according to the Bible, people inevitably will bring up other sins that were also punishable by death in the Old Testament. They think they are somehow catching us in hypocrisy, but the truth is, Bible believing Christians DO agree with those other Old Testament penalties as well.

So says the controversial Quiverfull pastor, Steven Anderson whose obnoxious, anti-LGBT sermons calling for the death penalty for gays have earned his church a well-deserved spot on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups.

Anderson, father of eight and leader of an Independent Fundamental Baptist church in Tempe, Arizona, received national attention recently when he celebrated the Orlando Massacre as “good news” because the victims were just “disgusting homosexuals at a gay bar.”

PayPal, Apple, and other businesses responded to Anderson’s hate-speech by attempting to prevent him from collecting donations via his YouTube account.

Others simply tried to reason with Steve by pointing out that the bible contains quite a list of “sins” other than homosexuality which were also punishable by death, including adultery.

In response, Anderson unapologetically says, Yes! Let’s kill adulterers too!

“Today, adultery is not punishable by law in the United States, but it should be.”

Of course there are rules, the King James-quoting pastor explains … adulterers must be tried and convicted before they’re put to death, and if America were to implement the Old Testament law, it wouldn’t be retroactive, so if you’ve already cheated, you’re safe so long as you don’t do it again.

Think about it, though. Do you really think as many people commit adultery in societies where it is punishable by death? Of course not ... so you can relax about your Aunt Trudy who cheated on her husband thirty years ago. If Aunt Trudy had lived in a society that enforced the death penalty for adultery, chances are she would never have committed that sin in the first place.

See there? Steve can be reasonable. >snark

Suzanne Titkemeyer, administrator of the spiritual abuse recovery blog, No Longer Quivering, monitors Pastor Anderson’s broadcasts and sermons regularly in order to feature his most cringe-worthy railings against homosexuals, feminists, abortion, birth control, Jews, Muslims, … pretty much everyone and everything that doesn’t line up with his literalist interpretation of scripture.

Concerning Anderson’s latest call for capital punishment for adulterers, Suzanne wrote, “If every cheating jerk in America got executed for infidelity then most of our politicians and pastors would be dead.”

Truthfully, with all the scandals in Quiverfull families coming to light in recent years ... Josh Duggar, Bill Gothard, Doug Phillips … I have a hunch that one of these days Pastor Steve Anderson’s secret sins will be exposed too.

Vyckie Garrison was once a minor celebrity in the Quiverfull Movement, made famous by TV’s Duggar family. As a devout, Bible-believing Christian and the mother of seven homeschooled children, Garrison spent 16 years, with her husband, publishing a newspaper for families on a similar path. Today, via a website called No Longer Quivering, she publishes resources for women leaving the movement.