Anti-LGBT group lobs a sickening new ad into transgender restroom debate
An anti-transgender ad being aired in the Houston market (Screen cap)

The 2016 Bathroom Wars are still going strong, and an anti-LGBT group in Texas has released a new ad attacking Target's policy of allowing transgender people to use the bathrooms of their choice in their stores.

The ad, which is unsubtly titled "NO MEN IN WOMEN'S BATHROOMS," claims that thanks to Target, any man can pretend to be a transgender woman as a justification to go into women's bathrooms to rape young girls. Even though we know that there isn't a widespread epidemic of sexual predators pretending to be transgender in order to rape people in public restrooms, it seems that conservative groups just can't let this particular talking point go.

"Even registered sex offenders could follow women or young girls into the bathroom, and no one could stop them," the ad breathlessly declares as a man hiding in a women's bathroom stall barges into the stall that a young girl is using.

Of course, the ad doesn't note that sexual predators who are intent on assaulting women in public restrooms don't need to claim to be transgender -- instead, they can just go into the restroom and commit assault.

The ad was created by a group called The Campaign for USA, which features several inflammatory statements about transgender people on its website.

"Just because a man feels like and thinks he is a women, does not make him a woman, any more than thinking he is a dog, would make him a dog," the group's website says. "The whole concept of 'transgender' of course is absurd and irrational. Those who practice this behavior or enable it have adopted perverted thinking."

Check out the full anti-transgender ad below.