'For God sake': CNN's Ashleigh Banfield loses it after Trump aide calls Hillary a murderer
CNN's Ashleigh Banfield (screen grab)

CNN's Ashleigh Banfield reacted with outrage on Tuesday after a senior Trump campaign staffer suggested on Twitter that Hillary Clinton "murdered" Ambassador Chris Stevens.

After House Republicans released their report on the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Special Counsel to Donald Trump Michael Cohen tweeted a photograph of Hillary Clinton with the words, "I presided over $6 billion lost at the State Department, sold uraniam to the Russians through my faux charity, illegally deleted public records, and murdered an ambassador. Elect me!"

"This show is called Legal View because we know a thing or two about the law," Banfield explained. "And Michael Cohen is a lawyer. That there is libel to suggest that a woman murdered an ambassador."

CNN contributor Nia Maliki Henderson dismissed the tweet as "the kind of strident language that has been surrounding the Donald Trump campaign."

"We've heard things like this emanating from the Donald Trump orbit and so it's not really surprising," Henderson opined.

Banfield disagreed: "Let's just be really frank here, people. Don't call someone a murderer of an ambassador for God sake!"

"It's offensive to Americans who really want the truth on what's going on in politics," she added. "Please give us a break! Campaigning!"

"I nearly lost my cool," the host concluded. "I did lose my cool effectively."

Watch the video below from CNN.