'Fox & Friends' asks Herman Cain why Trump can use a teleprompter but Obama shouldn't
Herman Cain (Fox & Friends)

Teleprompter jokes are as reliable a staple of conservative comedy as fart jokes are to class clowns.

Conservatives mock President Barack Obama's reliance on teleprompters pretty much any time they gather in public -- but what happens when Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, strays from his usual off-the-cuff insults to read a speech?

"Fox & Friends," naturally, invited a black conservative to explain.

"I thought the speech was absolutely right-on and spot-on, and it set exactly the tone he needs to set," said Herman Cain, a 2012 Republican presidential candidate. "Now, a lot of people are going to make a big deal out of the fact that he used a teleprompter so he could stay on message -- and he did a good job."

Cain, who peppered his own campaign speeches with teleprompter jokes, established a guideline for acceptable use of the device.

"He wouldn't have read the information on the teleprompter if he didn't agree with it," Cain said. "Obviously, he did. Now, they're going to make a -- when I say 'they,' not y'all -- other people are going to make a big deal out of the fact that he was using a teleprompter. We have a teleprompter president we've had for the last seven years."

Cain and the Fox co-hosts began giggling at the mere mention of Obama using a teleprompter.

"So Donald Trump finally uses one to make sure that he is clear, concise and pivoting to what's important, and I think that's why that was such a great speech," Cain said.

Maybe that's how Trump will finally make good on his promise to act presidential, by reading speeches off a teleprompter like virtually all presidents have done since the device's invention.