Frozen yogurt shop scores major backlash after trying to associate with the Duggars
Duggar family visits Sweet Loring (Photo: Facebook)

The Duggar family is not the most popular family on television, so when a frozen yogurt shop in Laredo, Texas posted a photo of the owners with the Duggars after they came in for a sweet treat, it didn't end well. The internet told the yogurt shop exactly what they thought, and it wasn't pretty.

[caption id="attachment_829974" align="aligncenter" width="320"]Duggar family visits Sweet Loring (Photo: Facebook) Duggar family visits Sweet Loring (Photo: Facebook)[/caption]

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar came into Sweet Loring Frozen Yogurt with their daughter Jinger and her boyfriend, Jeremy Vuolo, the Inquisitr reports. The photo went up on Facebook, but the backlash encouraged them to remove the photo not long after.

The shop was plagued with questions about whether they supported homophobic, anti-LGBT and anti-trans policies, and if they endorse a family that protected their son Josh Duggar, an admitted child molester.

Many companies have had the unfortunate experience of being aligned with the Duggars, forcing them to explain their financial support of the controversial family to customers. Add Sweet Loring Frozen Yogurt to the growing list.

Sweet Loring responded with a tweet of their statement regretting the incident. “On behalf of Sweet Loring we apologize for all the distress our post has caused," they wrote. "We do not support the views of the Duggar family, that was not our intention. We respect our community however we do not condone negative comments of any sort on our page therefore we will be removing the post. And again we welcome Everyone to our Shop.”

The entire Twitter account has now been deleted and with it the statement.

While the first Duggar show "19 Kids and Counting" was canceled, the daughters' show "Jill and Jessica: Counting On" has been renewed for a second season. The women face allegations that they planned their latest parenthood hoping that the show would be renewed if they were both pregnant together.