Geraldo grotesquely exploits Orlando victim’s family while cameraman records their tearful grief
Gearldo Rivera with friend of Orlando victim Jimmy De Jesus -- Fox screen grab.

Appearing as a correspondent on the Sean Hannity Show, Fox news contributor Geraldo Rivera entered the home of the family of one of the Orlando shooting victims and delivered an over the top recounting of the shooting -- driving the family to tears as his cameraman swooped in for intrusive close-ups.

Speaking with the family of Franky Jimmy Dejesus Velazquez, also known as Jimmy De Jesus, Geraldo began with a rant about shooter Omar Mateen to provoke an emotional response from the many family members in the small home.

Introducing friends of the victim, Geraldo launched into highly charged description of Omar Mateen to ramp up the tension and emotions in the room.

"It was just forty-four hours ago when the fiend, Omar Mateen, the radical Islamist extremist murdering dog perpetrated his savage violence," Rivera exclaimed. "Against these innocent people including Jimmy."

As more and more friends and  family members filled the room, Rivera pressed companions who were with De Jesus the night of the shooting to describe in detail the terror of the night minute by minute and how De Jesus died before the horrified crowd of mourners.

While Rivera prodded for more information, his cameraman pulled in for extreme close-up of the grieving family.

Watch the vide below via YouTube: