Infamous Libertarian stripper says 'free expression' got him banned from the party
James Weeks II gestures for approval after performing a strip tease during the Libertarian Party National Convention. (YouTube)

The Libertarian Party took action against a Michigan man who drew attention to himself and its national convention last month for the wrong reason.

The Livingston Daily reported that James Weeks II was suspended for taking the stage at the event and taking off his clothes.

"The reasoning behind this suspension is their disapproval of my use of free expression in lieu of a speech during my run for Libertarian Party chair at the national convention," Weeks said.

As CNN and other outlets reported at the time, Weeks went to the stage for what observers thought would be a speech before he said, "I figured we could use a little bit of fun" and began taking his clothes off while trying -- and failing -- to draw cheers.

He was taken off stage after stripping to his underwear as the audience booed. Weeks, who said he did it "on a dare," lost in his attempt to defeat party chair Nicholas Sarwark's re-election bid.

According to Livingston Daily, Weeks is not only his party's local leader, but is also running for Livingston County sheriff.

Weeks' "performance" during the convention, as posted online, can be seen below.