'It’s going to be far more dangerous': Security at the 2016 RNC has all the makings of a disaster
Donald Trump speaks to supporters (a katz / Shutterstock.com)

With neo-Nazis planning to go to Cleveland to confront anti-Trump protesters, the scene has been set for a potentially chaotic Republican National Convention next month.

Police departments are already raising red flags about security at this year's RNC, and one Republican delegate has told Politico that she fears for her personal safety.

"It’s going to be far more dangerous for every one of us," Colorado GOP delegate Regina Thomson told the publication.

One potentially frightening issue is the fact that people will be allowed to bring firearms into the "Event Zone" that has been designated for protesters to hold rallies because Ohio is an open carry state. Amazingly, people in the event zone will not be allowed to bring squirt guns, sleeping bags and other nonlethal items into the area.

Additionally, the city of Cleveland is still finalizing its security perimeter boundaries that had to be changed after a judge threw out the previous plans. Add to the mix the aforementioned white supremacist groups and the anti-LGBT Westboro Baptist Church in the streets, and you have a potentially lethal cocktail of anger.