'Money is not a problem': Trump's former 'Bedazzler' spokesperson goes Baghdad Bob on CNN
Tana Goetz speaks to CNN (screen grab)

While many in the Republican Party are panicking over Donald Trump's campaign finance woes, Trump senior adviser Tana Goertz told CNN on Tuesday that "money is not a problem."

During an interview on CNN's New Day, host Brooke Baldwin pointed out that Hillary Clinton's campaign had ten times as many staffers as Trump's and over $40 million more in the bank.

Goertz, who was a runner-up on The Apprentice before becoming a spokesperson for Bedazzler fashion products, insisted that Trump did not "need to catch up."

"We are winning our side," she explained. "Mr. Trump is a billionaire. Money is not a problem for our campaign. So, that's not even on my radar as that's a problem. Mr. Trump has a lean, mean -- we're a great machine."

"Guess what? Mr. Trump is a billionaire," Goertz repeated. "Money is not a problem. Yeah, I'm sure all the papers are saying that. The papers need to say something about Mr. Trump: We are winning, he is the nominee in my mind."

Baldwin noted that Trump was down 5 points in the latest CNN poll.

"That's nothing," Goertz scoffed. "Just let us get through the convention. Once America hears he is the nominee and that there won't be any funny stuff or that there isn't a third party coming in, you just watch. Wait until you see those numbers go up."

"I mean, he's almost at a dead race in Pennsylvania, where we will win," she added. "This is nothing. I'm super excited about this. Money is not a problem for Donald Trump."

Watch the video below from CNN.