Prospective jurors refuse to serve en masse in Judge Aaron Persky's court over rape sentence
Judge Aaron Persky (screen grab/Fox News)

Prospective jurors told Judge Aaron Persky this week that they would not serve in a jury in his Santa Clara County Superior courtroom due to a lenient sentence given to former Stanford student Brock Turner.

The San Jose Mercury News reported on Thursday that at least 10 potential jurors spoke out during jury selection for an unrelated stolen property case.

"I can't be here, I'm so upset," one person reportedly explained.

"I can't believe what you did," another prospective juror said, standing up to face the judge.

The judge replied, "I understand," and excused each of the jurors, according to the paper.


CNN guest: People criticizing Brock Turner’s six-month rape sentence are ‘missing the point’

When handing down the controversial six month sentence in the sexual assault case against Turner, Persky had said that a longer prison sentence would have a "severe impact" on former Stanford swimmer, causing a national outcry.

Over 900,000 people have signed a petition calling for the judge to be recalled. But experts have said that a recall would be highly unlikely.