Trump just gave a batsh*t insane speech -- here are his 5 craziest statements
Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Atlanta, Georgia (Screen cap via MSNBC)

Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Georgia on Wednesday and gave a real barn-burner of a speech. In fact, pound for pound, it might have been the single craziest speech Trump has ever given.

And that is saying a lot.

To recap the fun for you, we've compiled the five craziest statements Trump made at his campaign rally in Georgia.

1.) Trump says there's a one-in-five chance he could talk North Korea into giving up its nuclear weapons.

Trump has said before that he would personally meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Responding to critics of this position, Trump today said, "Who the hell cares? I'll speak to anybody. There's a 10% or 20% chance I can talk him out of those damn nukes."

You might recall that Trump has also said he'd be willing to encourage South Korea to build and maintain its own nuclear weapons so that it would not have to rely on the United States for protection any longer. It's not clear how Trump would encourage North Korea to give up its nukes even as South Korea is arming itself with them, but in his defense: He's not even trying to make sense.

2.) America will cease to exist because Russia's superior nuclear arsenal will destroy us.

Despite constant complaining from Republicans, the United States still has by far the most powerful military on the planet. Trump, however, said today that our nuclear capabilities are far behind where those pesky Russians are.

"Our nuclear is old," he said. "Putin's is tippy-top, from what I hear. We've got to be careful."

As of 2015, the United States had 7,100 nuclear warheads while Russia had 7,700 -- this is not an especially large gap, especially when you consider that NATO allies Britain and France also had a combined 525 warheads as well. Additionally, 3,200 of those Russian nuclear warheads were awaiting dismantlement, whereas just 2,340 American warheads were awaiting dismantlement. If those warheads were dismantled on time, the United States would have a numerical advantage in total warheads.

And of course, nuclear warheads are only one part of having a strong military and the United States' military spending is around ten times Russia's.

Nonetheless, Trump also said that if this country doesn't make the changes he's proposing, "eventually, it's not going to survive, just so you understand."

3.) We must create "safe zones" for Syrian refugees.

This might be the single least thought out Trump policy proposal ever, which is saying a lot. But this is what he actually said: "We have to build safe zones. Build them in Syria, build them over there... and get the Gulf states to pay for it."

The idea that we could build "safe zones" for people in Syria without a massive use of military force is just crazy. Any attempt to carve out and maintain zones where Syrians could live in peace away from the fighting would be enormously costly, much more costly than accepting refugees into our country.

Oh, and the fact that Trump thinks he could "get the Gulf states to pay for it" is just the cherry atop the insanity sundae.

4.) It costs the government $1 million every time we "turn on" one of our aircraft carriers.

This statement is impossible to thoroughly fact check because it just makes no sense, but Trump really did say that "Every time you turn on one of those aircraft carriers, it costs you probably a million bucks."

Watch the video for yourself if you don't believe it:

5.) Trump bashes Obama for holding White House state dinners in "unsafe" tents

When the White House has a big state dinner, it typically erects a big tent on the White House lawn. Donald Trump, however, slammed this practice during his rally today as overly expensive and unsafe.

"Forget the state dinners that cost, by the way, a fortune," said Trump. "When I saw a state dinner, it's [in] a tent, which is actually unsafe. It's a tent on the White House lawn. And I actually called up the Obama administration and I said, 'I will build you [for] free, a $100 million or more ballroom, we'll choose five great American architects, we'll design something everybody likes... instead of having a tent, which looks like hell."

The transcription really does not do this rant justice and you really need to watch it for yourself:

At any rate, this last bit of insanity actually makes me want to vote for Trump just to see the incredibly tacky $100 million ballroom he will no doubt erect on the White House lawn if elected.