U.K. experiences large spike in racist-motivated incidents following Brexit vote
(Photo via Shutterstock)

Thursday's vote for the British to exit the European Union brought steep dips in global financial markets, but another unintended consequence was a sharp spike in racist incidents, the Washington Post reports.

London Police investigated what they referred to as a "racially motivated" attack against the Polish Social and Cultural Association, with graffiti saying "Go home." The largest population of foreign-born people living in the U.K. are from Poland.

Leaflets were distributed in Cambridgeshire saying, “Leave the EU/No more Polish vermin” written in English and Polish.

People are also taking to Twitter to report incidents of racist language coming from Brexit supporters:

Despite assurances that existing E.U. citizens legally living in the U.K., many immigrants are now unsure and concerned about their future.

All the while, British tabloids are predictably inciting fear and race-baiting with readers who believe immigrants are a threat.