WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel makes Trump sound like a drunken oaf in this hilarious video
Donald Trump (Photo via video screen capture)

You may have seen those viral videos that put Donald Trump's braggadocious and bellicose statements in the mouth of your drunken neighbor.

Those videos, produced by Friend Dog Studios, show an actor mouthing Trump's outrageous and often utterly false claims to comedic effect -- but Jimmy Kimmel discovered how to make the Republican candidate sound like he's actually drunk.

Trump famously does not drink alcohol, but if you slow down one of his speeches -- he sounds uncannily like a tiresome drunk.

The talk show host played a video of Trump begging Bernie Sanders to stay in the Democratic primary race, and see if you don't agree he sounds exactly like an inebriated oaf hollering for his friend after last call.

Watch the clip posted online by Jimmy Kimmel Live: