WATCH: Maher panel jumps on pro-gun conservative more worried about ISIS than mass shootings
Lawrence Wilkerson, Emily Miller, Josh Barro, Bill Maher on Real Time -- (HBO screen grab)

The HBO Real Time panel, along with host Bill Maher, jumped all over a conservative commentator who refused to budge an inch on high-capacity weapons Friday night, with host Maher saying the Orlando shooting "was brought to you by guns and religion."

Guest Lawrence Wilkerson, the former chief of staff to Colin Powell, took the lead in battling with conservative commentator Emily Miller over guns in America, saying, "We need some kind of control on the weapons in this country," to the applause of the audience.

Admitting that he owns fourteen weapons, with some of them passed down from his father for hunting, Wilkerson went off on military grade weapons available to the public.

"We do not need large capacity magazines, semi-automatic weapons in the hands of anybody in this country, other than possible law enforcement," Wilkerson said.

Asked by Maher why he has so many weapons, Wilkerson said, "I've accumulated them. My father died and left me some. My brother died and left me some. And I don't go sell them to just anybody."

Miller jumped in to say, "Oh, I'll buy some. I'll buy them off you."

"I wouldn't sell them to you," Wilkerson replied.

Miller later attempted to make the case for guns in the home out of fear of home invasions and robberies, and Wilkerson grew animated saying he doesn't keep guns to shoot people.

"I don't own the guns in case someone comes in my home so I can shoot them," he explained. "I don't expect someone to come in my home because I have law enforcement and other people around me to keep that from happening."

As Miller attempted to explain response time by law enforcement, Wilkerson cut her off.

"I'm 71-years-old," Wilkerson said. "I've lived in this country for seventy-one years, except for the years I was deployed fighting for this country when I did need my guns, and nobody has ever entered my house and tried to kill me!"

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