WATCH: Trans-hating preacher hollers at Target shoppers about Lucifer -- and they laugh in her face
Angela Cummings (Screenshot/YouTube)

Target shoppers in Tennessee were left giggling after an anti-transgender preacher went screaming at the store and customers about the chain's bathroom policy.

The preacher, Angela Cummings, posted the video of herself to YouTube on Thursday.

At one point she approaches a female shopper and asks her if she's ever seen someone preach in Target.

"No, I'm shopping now," the woman says. At another point she asks a man if he plans to use the women's restroom. He replies with a curt, "no."

As Target employees try to approach her and escort her from the store, Cummings preaches about her version of Christianity and accuses Target of being evil.

"Shame on you for shopping at Target," she yells, as she leaves. "Store is of Lucifer!"

Last week, Cummings hollered at high school students about bathrooms and sex, urging home schooling, before police intervened and asked her to let the students leave in peace.

Several people can be heard laughing at her as she exits.

Watch the video, as posted on YouTube, here: