Alex Jones clashes with anti-'Nazi scum' protesters in Cleveland
Alex Jones hangs on to a police officer after a clash breaks out between his supporters and anti-Nazi protesters on July 19, 2016. (Twitter)

Right-wing radio host Alex Jones got into an altercation with anti-fascist demonstrators in Cleveland on Tuesday, The Hill reported.

Footage posted by reporter Aubrey Wheelan shows Jones speaking into a megaphone at the city's Public Square when he's interrupted by protesters yelling "Nazi scum" at him. The demonstrators were spotted in the area earlier chanting, "Nazi scum, off our streets." Wheelan's video of the encounter can be seen below.

Salon's Benjamin Norton posted video showing Jones holding on to a police officer after the scuffling began, saying that Jones "tried to push up to the front of the crowd" before the clash ensued. Following the altercation, he reported, "at least" 100 police officers filled the area.

According to The Atlantic, state police later led Jones away from the square and took him to "an unmarked vehicle" that took him away.

The incident took place a day after a rally hosted by Jones was hijacked by comedian Eric Andre, who Jones called "the Daily Show guy."