Dem convention ratings top Trump's Cleveland sh*t show three nights in a row
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Donald Trump loves boasting about poll numbers and ratings -- and that's why it has to be especially humiliating for him to see his own convention get beat by this week's Democratic National Convention.

CNN reports that viewership for Day 3 of the DNC was 15% higher than viewership for the third day of last week's Republican National Convention.

What makes this even more humiliating for Trump is that this marks the third night in a row where the DNC has beaten the RNC in terms of ratings.

"The Democratic ratings advantage has come as something of a surprise, given Donald Trump's reputation as a ratings magnet," CNN notes. "Last week he touted the viewership for his Republican convention and predicted that no one would watch the Democrats."

Losing consistently in the ratings war has apparently set off alarm bells at the Trump campaign, as it sent out an email to supporters on Thursday morning that specifically asked them to not watch Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech tonight.