Did a Clinton-hounding conservative group accidentally help Hillary with her FBI interview?
Hillary Clinton putting up with crap from the House Benghazi committee - (MSNBC screen grab)

A conservative advocacy group that has long stalked both Hillary and Bill Clinton -- dating back to former President Bill Clinton's administration -- may have unwittingly helped the former Secretary of State prepare for her recent FBI interview.

On Saturday, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee sat down with FBI investigators for a reported three and a half hours to discuss the ongoing investigation into her use of a private email server in her home.

But before that happened, according to LawNewz,  the conservative activists at Judicial Watch inserted themselves into the Clinton email controversy earlier this year in the hopes they might find something to destroy Clinton's White House hopes.

With that in mind, the legal watchdog group filed multiple FOIA lawsuits against the State Department in regard to the issue of the personal server. Agreeing with their demands, federal judge Emmet Sullivan allowed Judicial Watch to depose several of Clinton’s top aides, including Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and Patrick Kennedy.

During those depositions, the aides were asked how and why the server was set up while testifying under oath.

In the weeks prior to Hillary Clinton's sit down with the FBI, Judicial Watch made hundreds of pages of those transcripts available to the public.

Which includes Clinton and her advisers.

At this late date in the game, as the FBI is reportedly wrapping up, investigators are likely following up on any questions still outstanding and making sure there are no discrepancies between Clinton and her advisors that might raise red flags.

Armed with hundreds of pages of testimony, Clinton may well have been aware of her aides' answers to the same lines of questioning that both the FBI and Judicial Watch were pursuing.

As attorney Elkan Abramowitz explained to LawNewz, a well-prepared Clinton would have been in a good position to make sure that she and her team had their story straight -- thereby helping to bring the investigation to a more rapid close.