Donald Trump goes off the rails after Elizabeth Warren's online attack
Elizabeth Warren (Photo Tim Pierce Donald Trump (Screenshot)

While GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was naming Indiana Governor Mike Pence to his ticket, Massachusettes Senator Elizabeth Warren was lighting up Twitter with attacks on Pence policies that hurt women, LGBT people and Americans.

Trump took the troll bait, firing back, harassing the senator as "Goofy Elizabeth Warren, who may be the least productive Senator in the U.S. Senate, must prove she is not a fraud," he tweeted. "Without the con it's over." He managed to refrain from using racist insults that mocks Native Americans as he has done in the past.

Warren's tweetstorm on Saturday assailed Trump and his new running-mate as "two small, insecure, weak men who use hate & fear to divide our country & our people." She also remarked that Pence "is famous for trying to control women's bodies." The Trump/Pence "sexism" is "in line with the party platform," she tweeted.