Ex-Palin staffer: Trump knows even less about foreign policy than 'woefully ignorant' Sarah
Sarah Palin (Fox News)

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was infamously ignorant when it came to foreign policy after being nominated for vice president in 2008 -- but a former staffer says that she still knows more than Donald Trump does right now.

Nicole Wallace, a former Palin staffer who is now an MSNBC talking head, acknowledged on Thursday that her former boss was "woefully ignorant" about foreign policy. At the same time, she said this ignorance pales in comparison to the level of ignorance that's currently being offered by Trump.

During Thursday's episode of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough asked Wallace for her experience in trying to coach up Palin in 2008, while also noting that Trump so far has shown "no desire" to beef up his own foreign policy knowledge.

"Sarah Palin went to bed with an open highlighter smeared on her face most nights because she was trying to learn," said Wallace, which elicited laughter from the studio audience. "She was up all night studying and she understood that she was on the ticket with a man who was respected around the world... I don't know if this is a gender thing, but he's not even trying to learn."

Check out the full clip below.