'He turned over his political testicles long ago': Cruz campaign manager rips Trump toady Christie
Chris Christie and Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

The campaign manager for Ted Cruz's presidential campaign joined in the battle over the Texas senator's comments last night, saying Trump advocate Chris Christie has been neutered by Donald Trump, reports Buzzfeed.

On a day that when Trump should be basking in the limelight as the GOP's presidential nominee, an ugly war has broken out within the Republican Party after Texas Senator Ted Cruz failed to endorse Trump during a prime time speech Wednesday night.

After New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie -- recently passed over for the VP slot in favor of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence -- criticized Cruz, calling his failure to endorse Trump "awful" and "selfish,"  Cruz's campaign slashed back.

Speaking in the Chris Stigall Show in Philadelphia, Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe mocked Christie whose political star collapsed after he appeared to become Trump's flunky and wingman.

“That guy turned over his political testicles long ago,” Roe told the radio host. "So I don’t take what he has to say with any meaning. You know, he embarrassed himself pretty quickly in this.”

As to Christie's assertion that Cruz should have made good on the pledge he signed to endorse the eventual nominee, Roe pointed out that Trump never agreed to do so if he failed to get the nomination.

“Let’s just go through history here and time. Ted didn’t sign a pledge,” Roe explained. “He didn’t sign a pledge to support a nominee by convention. You know, this speech went further than Ronald Reagan went on Gerald Ford. It went further than Kennedy did for Carter.”

“The odds are that Donald Trump wins. I think he can. I actually think he should, as far as the political dynamics of this go, how bad Hillary Clinton is," he continued. " I don’t know if he will. I don’t know if the campaign’s coming together in a way to pull that effort off but he should. He’ll either win and be a great president or lose.”

Listen to the audio below via Buzzfeed: