Here are 7 ways Donald Trump absolutely butchered his VP pick announcement
Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

On Friday, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump announced via Twitter that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will join him as his vice presidential pick on the ballot.

The announcement appeared to be chaotic. Media outlets began reporting Pence was chosen on Thursday. After the reports began leaking out, Trump's team said no final decision has been made, and Trump, reportedly aggravated by the media reports, vowed he'd hold off making the announcement until the weekend, citing the deadly attack in Nice, France on Thursday night.

Instead, Trump undoubtedly horrified his advisers when he took to Twitter on Friday morning with what seemed like little preparation, and confirmed Pence was his pick.

Shane Goldmacher, political reporter at Politico, ran through a list of reasons Trump's Twitter announcement was not only unprecedented, but poorly-executed. Here are the ways Trump's announcement, usually a carefully-choreographed campaign spectacle, was totally botched.

1. Pence announced he accepted Trump's offer, also on Twitter. But one hour after making the announcement, Pence's account still links his nearly-22,000 followers to his campaign page for reelection as Indiana governor -- and the page is still active

2. Goldmacher also pointed out that Trump's campaign didn't bother buying Google search ads for the "flood" of people doing searches after the announcement was made. Goldmacher posted screenshots of Trump's rival, Hillary Clinton's Google search page, which features a link to her campaign website up top, while Trump's does not.

3. He also points out that Trump's opponents beat him to the domain name TrumpPence.GOP. That website instead goes to a #NeverTrump page.

4. Goldmacher points out that Trump's team did not put out press releases citing Pence's biography and life achievements for reporters. Two hours after he made the announcement, his website does not have a press release.


5. Trump also failed to send a mass text to his supporters after promising they'd "be the first to know the VP." A page on Trump's website allowed supporters to sign up and receive notifications. It appears to have been turned into a fundraising page, but not before Goldmacher took a screenshot.

6. Trump's campaign has been singular in its use of social media, and he has nearly 2 million Instagram followers -- yet no announcement has been made on Instagram.

[caption id="attachment_842977" align="aligncenter" width="615"]Screenshot of Trump's Instagram account at 12:40 pm. Eastern Screenshot of Trump's Instagram account at 12:40 pm. Eastern[/caption]

7. Goldmacher also pointed out that the VP announcement day is a big fundraising day for small-dollar donations. This is problematic, considering Trump has struggled to systematically raise campaign money. The announcement comes as Trump's rival, Hillary Clinton, is gearing up to make her selection for the person that will join her on the campaign trail.