'I am an idiot': Ryan Bundy demands $100 million to stand trial -- or $1 million to serve as own judge
Ryan Bundy

Ryan Bundy, who led the armed Oregon occupation with his brother, asked the federal government to pay him at least $1 million to stand trial.

The 44-year-old Bundy, who is serving as his own attorney, filed court documents this week using "sovereign citizen" jargon to the government had no authority over him and said he would not accept the role of defendant unless he was handsomely rewarded, reported Oregon Public Broadcasting.

“I, ryan c, man, am an idiot of the ‘Legal Society’; and; am an idiot (layman, outsider) of the ‘Bar Association’; and; i am incompetent; and; am not required by any law to be competent,” Bundy wrote in the motion.

Bundy, who authorities say plotted an escape attempt earlier this month from the Multnomah County Detention Center, accused U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown of perjury and demanded up to $100 million to serve as a defendant in the Malheur National Wildlife Reserve case.

"I, ryan c, man, require fair and just compensation of $1,000,000.00 for acting in any "Role"; and; i require you to send payment in full; and; in advance, prior to [my] accepting any Role other than man, flesh and blood, made in the image of The Lord God Almighty," Bundy wrote.

He filed the documents through his court-appointed standby counsel and shown to federal prosecutors, who succinctly responded: "The government takes no position on this filing."

Bundy, who argued that his wife and children are members of the Bundy society, also demanded $100 million if he was ordered to face a judge in connection with the armed occupation earlier this year.

He'd consider playing the role of judge or bailiff if the court paid him $1 million.

The filing claims that Nevada, where Bundy lives, and Oregon, where he's accused of plotting and carrying out the 41-day occupation, are not within the United States -- which he said referred only the District of Columbia.

Bundy argued in the filing, which was also signed by his brother, were "sovereign union states."

He claimed the federal government tried to kill him during a Jan. 26 traffic stop, which resulted in his arrest and the shooting death of another armed militant who tried to flee.

Bundy said the government should pay him $800 million in restitution for violating his rights for prosecuting and jailing him in connection with the Malheur occupation and the armed 2014 standoff at his father's Nevada cattle ranch.