Joy-Ann Reid warns Democrats: Minorities and progressives aren't excited about Tim Kaine
Joy-Ann Reid (Screenshot)

MSNBC commentator Joy-Ann Reid says Democrats have a lot of work to do if they want to get progressives excited about Hillary Clinton's new running mate.

Clinton announced Virginia senator Tim Kaine as her running mate on Friday.

"I think that you’re definitely seeing among progressives disappointment, a sense that this was not a pick that affirmed the energy, the excitement and the anxieties of people on the left about things like trade, about things like the banks, about Wall Street," Reid said Saturday on MSNBC, in a clip highlighted by the Washington Free Beacon. "Tim Kaine feels like, number one, an Obama-Clinton merger pick."

She said Kaine did bring a "stable, sunny, optimistic, experienced person to the ticket... so in that contrast, it is a good contrast to Donald Trump." But Reid said the pick did little to win over minority voters or progressives.

“But I do think that Democrats should be a bit concerned about the fact that the initial reaction among progressive voters is not enthusiastic,” she explained. “Yes, they’re going to make the sale with his biography, but you need voters of color to be excited. You need black voters who -- let's be honest -- where she is right now. If black voters had gone to Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders would probably be the nominee now, but he wasn't able to pull them over. They saved her.

"This is not a pick that's a big nod to either ethnic voters or to the left, and they’re going to have to make the case somehow that it really is."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by the Free Beacon, below: