Mike Pence tries to clean up Trump's Khan family mess — reaffirms Muslim ban instead
Donald Trump looks at Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) during a joint interview aired on '60 Minutes' on July 17, 2016. (YouTube)

Donald Trump has spent the last two days attacking the parents of a young Muslim Captain killed while fighting for the United States.

He then went after Captain Humanyun Khan's mom, alluding to her silent presence behind her husband, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night before Hillary Clinton's speech. The Gold Star mother has since given an interview where she discussed the overwhelming sadness she experiences seeing her son's face. Understandably, she didn't want to burst into tears on national television.

Trump followed that by telling the family that he too has made sacrifices.

Republicans (and more republicans) and Democrats have come out in droves denouncing Trump's heartless attacks on the family of a soldier who gave his life for his country.

Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton denounced the assault on Mrs. Khan and spent Sunday calling out Trump's comments about the soldier's family at her Ohio rally. Clinton said described his attacks as “insulting the family of a fallen soldier — Captain Khan, an American Muslim who sacrificed his life to protect his unit and other soldiers as a taxi raced toward a base containing a bomb.”

But, Sunday night, Trump's vice presidential running mate finally released a statement walking back some of Trump's attacks on the family.

Pence attempts to claim that despite the attacks over the last 48-hours, Trump actually cherishes the Khan family. "Captain Khan gave his life to defend our country in the global war on terror," Pence writes, before turning to politicize the ordeal and blame Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for ISIS.

He then moves on to reaffirm his support of Trump's ban on Muslims entering the United States. "By suspending immigration from countries that have been compromised by terrorism, rebuilding our military, defeating ISIS at its source and projecting strength on the global stage, we will reduce the likelihood that other American families will face the enduring heartbreak of the Khan family."

Pence walks a difficult line as his son is a Marine.

Check out the full post from Facebook below: