‘Morning Joe’ wonders if Trump’s ‘getting his groove back’ after doubling down on anti-Semitic tweet
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

In case you missed it, Donald Trump delivered what might have been the most batshit crazy speech of his presidential campaign -- and that's saying a lot.

Among other things, Trump doubled down on his praise for former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, expressed regret for deleting an anti-Semitic meme circulated by white supremacists, and announced that he wants convicted murderer Don King to speak at this month's Republican convention.

Any normal person who watched the speech thought it was a train full of flaming dumpsters crashing into a dumping ground for nuclear waste.

"Morning Joe," however, wondered if it was an indication that Trump was "getting his groove back." Frequent guest Mark Halperin seemed to think the answer was, "Yes!"

"There's no conventional political consultant in either party who would have approved that speech," Halperin acknowledge before gearing up to praise Trump. "But... if he's going to win, it's going to be with that, with vintage Trump, where he not just energizes people, but also confident, also entertaining, and also with an ability to convey to people that he's different. That he's not going to be politically correct or business as usual."

Halperin also predicted that if Trump kept making speeches like this -- along with picking a good running mate, having a good convention and winning the first debate against Hillary Clinton -- he'd "go ahead in the polls."

Watch the whole clip below.