Obama Labor secretary lampoons Trump's diplomatic skills: ‘I haven’t run a Ms. Universe pageant’
Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez on Meet The Press-- NBC screenshot

Appearing on Meet the Press, Labor Secretary Tom Perez -- rumored to be on Hillary Clinton's short list for vice president -- took a series of shots at presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, belittling his business credibility and foreign policy knowledge.

The bemused Obama administration figure alternately called Trump a "fraud" on putting Americans first, a “train wreck” on trade and the "outsourcer in chief" when it comes creating jobs in the U.S.

"Donald Trump is a fraud," Perez told host Chuck Todd. "Listening to him talk about how he's going to put American first again, he's spent his entire career putting his own profits first."

"Donald Trump has said that wages are too high in America, Donald Trump has said that a low minimum wage is good for America. Donald Trump makes his suits in Mexico, when I've been to a plant in Ohio that uses union labor to make their suits,"  Perez exclaimed. "Donald Trump has said repeatedly that, 'I'm going to put America first.' But then you look at the reality of what he has done -- he has fought collective bargaining in Las Vegas. The people on the strip who organized the Trump Hotel did it over his dead body."

Turning to foreign policy, Perez smirked when asked by host Todd about Trump's views.

"Well, I haven't run a Ms. Universe pageant, and I don't own any golf courses in Scotland, Chuck, so I don't have what Donald Trump has, and I'm very sorry about that,” Perez replied.

Watch the video below via NBC: