Republicans in Cleveland condemn their own supporters' sexist anti-Hillary swag
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a televised town hall meeting with Senator Bernie Sanders at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas on February 18, 2016 (AFP Photo/John Gurzinski)

Hillary Clinton was an obvious target for the speakers at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Monday, but for some of the GOP's delegates, the anti-Hillary swag being sold at the Convention has gone too far.

The Connecticut Post reports that some of the Constitution State's delegates in Cleveland are publicly distancing themselves from the sexist souvenirs vendors are selling just outside Quicken Loans Arena, the RNC's main venue.

According to the CT Post, the retail items include buttons that say, “KFC Hillary Special: 2 fat thighs, 2 small breasts ... left wing." Vendors are also selling t-shirts depicting Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, along with the caption, “Hillary sucks, but not like Monica.”

Connecticut's House Minority Leader, Themis Klarides, a Republican who has been critical of Donald Trump as the party's presumptive nominee, told the CT Post that she doesn't "support anything that is misogynistic or insulting to people."

“I don’t think there is any place for name-calling and bullying," Klarides said.

The anti-Hillary swag vendors weren't just in front of the arena. Reporters from KTVU, San Francisco's Fox affiliate said, "Along 4th street, where restaurants have been converted to media studios, vendors and the pins could be found every few feet."

One of the vendors KTVU interviewed, a woman named Michelle, said the item her customers are clamoring for the most is a pin featuring a picture of Clinton with the caption, "Life's a Bitch - Don't Vote for One".

Some Convention attendees downplayed the vulgar nature of the anti-Hillary paraphernalia. J.R. Romano, the Connecticut GOP Chairman, told the CT Post, "For people in politics, it's like sports," comparing the attack swag to the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

But Romano still said he wouldn't sport one of the anti-Clinton shirts.

KTVU notes that such sexist souvenirs aren't new to this election cycle. Time Magazine reported seeing the same anti-Hillary buttons at a Republican convention last November.

But in the lead up to the RNC, even celebrities were coming out of the woodwork with vulgar attacks on the presumptive Democratic nominee. The CT Post notes that some GOP delegates also spoke out against a recent tweet by former child star and Trump supporter, Scott Baio, in which he called Clinton, " a vulgar term for a female body part."

“I think that’s pretty crude,” Leora Levy, a Trump delegate and Republican National Committee member-elect, told the CT Post.  “I can’t defend somebody who is low class.”