Sanders campaign distances itself from 'divisive' plan by delegates to challenge Kaine nomination
Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine (Photo: Screen capture)

The campaign manager for Bernie Sanders' campaign called plans by some of his own delegates to challenge the nomination of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as Hillary Clinton's running mate a "divisive" idea that should be abandoned.

Speaking with Buzzfeed, campaign head Jeff Weaver dismissed the idea, saying had Sanders won the nomination he would have expected delegates to respect his choice.

"It’s very divisive,” Weaver explained. “She’s the presidential nominee. If Bernie were the nominee, would you want the conservatives trying to nominate our vice president? So, that’s what I would say.”

Progressive activists have been unhappy with the selection of the more moderate Kaine, hoping instead that Clinton had tapped the more liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA-D), Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, or even Sanders himself.

According to the Norman Solomon of the Bernie Delegates Network, the group has been working on rounding up enough delegates to challenge the nomination on the floor, but acknowledged that it likely would not happen.

“We’re not delusional,” Solomon said. “We know Tim Kaine will be the nominee.”