WATCH: Black man flips Fox News the bird during report from Trump Tower
Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron reports from Trump Tower as man flips middle finger (screen grab)

Fox News senior political correspondent Carl Cameron got more than he bargained for during a live shot from Trump Tower on Thursday when several men used their middle fingers to express disgust with the network.

In recent months, Trump Tower has become a destination for tourists who want to take photographs of themselves flashing middle fingers at the presumptive GOP nominee's headquarters. CNN cameras accidentally caught one Instagrammer giving Trump Tower the finger in May.

But on Thursday, those fingers were aimed toward Fox News cameras instead.

Just one day after comedian D.L. Hughley called out Fox News for failing to acknowledge racism, Cameron was on the street in front of Trump's signature New York high rise to report on speculation about possible running mates.

As Cameron explained that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was favored for the V.P. slot, two men -- one white and one black -- shot the bird at the Fox News cameras.

Watch the video below.