WATCH: Donald Trump jumps in to bail out VP candidate Pence during 60 Minutes grilling
Donald Trump, Mike Pence -- (60 MInutes screen grab)

In an excerpt from Sunday night's 60 Minutes interview with presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and his chosen running mate Mike Pence, the New York businessman abruptly stepped in to bail out the Indiana governor when he was asked to defend Trump's negative campaign tactics.

Prior to accepting the nod from Trump, Pence had been critical of some of Trump's rhetoric towards Muslims, but has put that aside for a shot at joining him in the White House.

"You said negative campaigning is wrong," host Lesley Stahl directed at Pence. "And a 'campaign ought to demonstrate the basic decency of the candidate.' With that in mind, what do you think about your running mate's campaign, and the tone and the negativity of it?"

Pence sidestepped commenting on Trump's inflammatory rhetoric, saying, "I think this is a good man who has been talking issues the America people care about."

Stahl jumped in to mention Trump calling Texas Sen Ted Cruz "Lying Ted," which Pence again avoided, before jumping into a litany of campaign talking points and adding, " “this campaign and Donald Trump’s candidacy has been about the issues the American people care about.”

"Are you saying it hasn't been negative?" Stahl asked, before turning to Trump he leaned in.

"He apologized for being a negative--" Stahl began as she indicated Pence before Trump cut her off.

"We're different people," Trump blustered, before beginning a back and forth with the 60 Minutes host as Pence looked on.

"I'll give you an example,"Trump began."Hillary Clinton is a liar. That was proven last week."

"That's negative," Stahl retorted.

"Hillary Clinton is a crook, I call her Crooked Hillary," Trump shot back.

"That's negative," Stahl once again replied.

Pointing at Pence as if he couldn't speak for himself, Trump added, "I didn't ask him to do it. I don't think he should do it. Because it's different for him."

Watch the video below via CBS: