WATCH: Trump-loving ex-cop fantasizes about terrorists killing his political enemies
Trump supporter Jim Stachowiak tells Trump opponent he hopes they die in a terror attack (Screen cap).

Former police officer and notoriously belligerent Trump supporter Jim Stachowiak is apparently not happy about the way the 2016 presidential race is shaping up.

Via Winning Democrats, a new video posted on YouTube features Stachowiak ripping into every person in the United States who opposes Donald Trump, whom he claims is the only person alive who could make America secure from terrorism.

He not only takes shots at his usual targets like liberals and Black Lives Matter activists, he also tears into anti-Trump Republicans such as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who still has yet to endorse the presumptive GOP nominee.

"Hey, you Never Trumpsters," he begins. "You people are pieces of garbage. You want to enable a terrorist sympathizer getting in the White House in Hillary Clinton, by not getting behind Donald Trump?... Ted Cruz, you're a treasonous piece of garbage, why don't you go back to Canada where your roots are?"

While this is already a promisingly crazy start, the real fireworks in the video come when he fantasizes about his political opponents dying in terrorist attacks.

"You know, there will be more terrorist attacks, and unfortunately there'll be victims," he says. "If there's going to be any victims in the terrorist attack, I hope it’s the left-wing liberals who are victims. I hope it’s the people that are members of Black Lives Matter. I hope it’s the people who oppose Trump who are victims of a terrorist attack."

Check out the whole video below.