WATCH: Turkish police and reporters pummel soldiers attempting to take over CNN newsroom
Man in green shirt launches himslef to deliver blow on soldier in CNN newsroom -- screenshot

In a wild scene filmed at CNN's studio in Turkey, soldiers taking part in the aborted coup are seen fighting with reporters and police as they attempted to take control of the airwaves.

According to the Mirror, a helicopter landed in the parking lot of the Dogan Media Center in Istanbul and disgorged approximately 15 soldiers who stormed the building.

In an interview with CNN, editor Turk Ferhat Boratav said, “They came up to the top where CNN Turk’s studio is. At gunpoint, we had to evacuate the floor.”

Instead police showed up and arrested the soldiers after fights broke out across the newsroom floor, with one man seen launching himself in the air to land a blow as fellow reporters can be seen taping the action.

According to the Mirror, CNN Turk was back on the air an hour later.

Watch the video below via the Mirror: