West Virginia GOP lawmaker calls for Hillary Clinton to be 'hung on the Mall in Washington, DC'
GOP lawmaker and United Airlines pilot Michael Folk -- Twitter

Friday evening a Republican lawmaker from West Virginia called for former Secretary of State and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to be publicly hung in Washington DC.

According to WOAY, Michael Folk, who serves in the West Virginia House of Delegates when he is not flying airplanes for United Airlines, posted a tweet stating: "@HillaryClinton You should be tried for treason, murder, and crimes against the US Constitution... then hung on the Mall in Washington, DC"

After receiving criticism, Folk posting a second tweet reading, "Sorry, I don't mince words... read this story & watch this video & maybe you'll understand" with a link to an article about the failed investigation into Clinton's email server.

Folk's tweet was screen-captured by the West Virginia Democratic Party which called Folk "unfit to serve."

Saturday morning, Folk tweeted again saying, "Hillary supporters coming out of the woodwork this morning..." with commenters criticizing him for advocating the hanging of Clinton.

According to the first commenter, "lol I'm no where near a Hillary supporter. I'm just not a fan of having a maniac hold office in my great state."

Twitter commenters have also sent screen captures to United Airlines which responded : "We are definitely aware, and are investigating this. Thanks for letting us know."

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump is also calling for Folk to resign, with Sen. Jeff Kessler, the West Virginia State Senate Minority Leader, "calling on the West Virginia Republican Party and the Republican National Committee to condemn these words immediately."

See the tweet below: