'Aghast' Trump fan rips his Second Amendment rant: 'I would have taken him to the shed'
A Donald Trump rally attendee tells CNN he was 'aghast' at Trump's 'Second Amendment' remarks (Screen cap.)

Donald Trump's campaign is insisting that no fair person could interpret his remarks on "Second Amendment people" stopping Hillary Clinton from nominating judges to be a call for violence.

But a Trump fan who attended Trump's big rally on Tuesday begs to differ -- and he just told CNN that what Trump said completely shocked him.

The rally attendee, now identified as Darrell Vickers of Oak Island, N.C., was asked by Brooke Baldwin to describe what was going through his head when Trump made his now-infamous statement.

"I can't believe he said it," Vickers replied. "The media will have a field day with this one. I was just... aghast."

When asked what his own interpretation of the remarks was, Vickers replied that while he thinks Trump was making an "off-the-cuff" joke, he still thinks it was wildly inappropriate.

"I would have taken him to the shed," Vickers said with a laugh. "Down here in the South, we don't curse in front of women, we don't drink liquor in front of the preacher, and we don't make jokes like that in public."

Check out the full video below.