Campaign manager won’t say if Trump is ‘okay’ with CEO's domestic abuse: 'All I know is what I read'
Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway -- (ABC screen grab)

Just one week into her tenure as Donald Trump's top campaign official, former pollster Kellyanne Conway had to admit that she didn't know if the candidate was aware his new campaign CEO had a history of domestic violence before he was hired.

Appearing on ABC with host George Stephanopoulos, Conway was asked about recent reports that Breitbart head -- and now Trump campaign chief exec --  Steve Bannon was charged with domestic violence in 1996 after reportedly grabbing his wife by the throat and assaulting her. According to the report, the charges were dropped when Bannon forced his wife to not testify against him.

“We saw those reports yesterday in both Politico and The New York Post saying he had been charged with domestic violence in 1996, and actually according to court records told his wife not to appear to file the charges,” asked Stephanopoulos.

“Was Mr. Trump aware of this? Is he okay with it?” the host pressed.

Twenty-four hours after that bombshell dropped, Trump's campaign manager still had no prepared answer for a question she should have seen coming.

“I don’t know what he was aware of with respect to a 20-year-old claim where the charges were dropped,” Conway replied. “So that’s all I know about, is what I read.”

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