CNN’s Tara Setmayer slams Corey Lewandowski for Trump’s lazy nonexistent campaign
Corey Lewandowski, Tara Setmayer on CNN -- (Screen grab)

Appearing on CNN, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski got smacked down by a fellow conservative who took a hard look at the GOP nominee's state by state campaign organization and asked the former campaign head what exactly he was doing all those months before he was fired.

Lewandoswky had been attempting to put a positive spin on Trump's numbers in Florida, stating GOP voter registration there is on the upswing keeping the pivotal state within reach.

"That's not true," remarked conservative CNN regular Tara Setmayer before pointing out the massive increase in minority registration, and reminding him that they won't be voting for Trump.

She then turned to the elephant in the room; Trump's lack of organization at the state level that is virtually nonexistent.

"Donald Trump only has one office open in Florida, Hillary Clinton has over thirty," Setmayer told him. "Trump has one office open in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton has 17. Donald Trump only has two offices open in Pennsylvania! Clinton has thirty-six. So you were the former campaign manager, I don't know what were you doing not having campaign offices open--"

Setmayer was then cut off by Trump advocate Jeffrey Lord who blurted, "He was winning," allowing Lewandowsky to duck the question, defending himself by touting the states Trump won in  primaries that ended months ago.

Watch the video below via YouTube: