Donald Trump will submit to public medical records release — but only if Clinton will
Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign stop at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. (Matt A.J./Flickr)

Donald Trump is so determined to prove that Hillary Clinton is inches from death that he will submit to a records release. Both he and his supporters have been questioning her stamina and alleging everything from CTE to Parkinson's disease for weeks.

After questions have come up about the information Trump's doctor previously released, Trump is now officially pledging to put his money where his mouth is and release his long-form medical records. But he doesn't clarify if the records will be from the doctor, who wrote Trump's medical note in five minutes while waiting for a limo.

Clinton's doctors have released her medical information including her blood pressure and what medications she is taking, but Trump's doctor has not done the same. It's unclear if Trump will only release those forms from the previously cited doctor or if he will submit to a medical examination from an independent doctor that isn't being influenced by the campaign. Trump also doesn't clarify if Clinton's previously released records are not enough to satisfy his pledge to release his information.

Unlike the new health pledge, Trump still refuses to match Clinton's transparency by releasing his taxes.