Ex-CIA chief claims Putin is 'playing' Trump: He's 'manipulated people much smarter than him'
Ex-CIA Director Mike Morell -- (ABC screen grab)

A former CIA director asserted on Sunday that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is definitely being used by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin who plays upon the candidate's vanity.

Appearing on ABC's This Week, former CIA head Mike Morell noted that Putin's career in the KGB gives him an edge in dealing with Trump.

"He's a trained intelligence officer, worked for the KGB, very talented, manipulated people much smarter than Donald Trump," Morell explained. "He played this perfectly. He saw that Donald Trump wanted to be complimented. He complimented him. That led Donald Trump to then compliment Vladimir Putin and to defend Vladimir Putin's actions in a number of places around the world."

"And Donald Trump didn't even realize that Putin was playing him," he continued. "So, in Putin's mind, I have no doubt that Putin thinks he's an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation -- although Putin would never say that."

Morell added that the only thing Trump sees is that he is being complimented.

Watch the video below via ABC on Twitter: