Fox and Friends launches absurd attack on Hillary: Wearing glasses is 'a sign of brain damage'
Fox and Friends (Photo: Screen capture)

According to Fox and Friends, wearing glasses is a sign of "brain damage and other things."

Thursday morning, the show followed a play from Sean Hannity's book on conspiracy theories and decided to address Hillary Clinton's health. While the conspiracy theory has been denounced by journalists, Fox News seems to be making it the cornerstone in their campaign to support Donald Trump's presidency.

Host Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt cited Dr. Drew Pinsky, who reportedly said he was "gravely concerned" about Clinton's health. The radio show has since been taken down and Pinsky has made no public statements about the comments on social media or in an official capacity.

"And what he said on the radio yesterday," Doocy began. "Is that the fact that when we saw Hillary Clinton wearing those prism glasses, a sign of brain damage and other things, and he's worried about the care she's getting so far."

Brian Kilmeade interjected his recollection of when she was wearing her glasses rather than contacts and seemed to think there was a correlation to Clinton's glasses and Benghazi. "And if you want to — or remember, when she was wearing those glasses, remember when she made those famous line to Senator Ron Johnson, 'What difference at this point does it make,' that's when she had those glasses on."

Clinton wore prism glasses, which are used to treat double vision, for a short period after her concussion in December 2012.

Watch the absurdity below via Media Matters: