Fox guests blow up after one calls Hillary Clinton a 'bigot': 'You should be ashamed of yourself!'
Fox News guests Horace Cooper, Leo Terrell -- (Fox News screen grab)

Filling in for  Bill O'Reilly, Fox News host Eric Bolling quickly lost control of a discussion on GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton's policies "bigoted" as his two guests ignored Bolling and railed at each other.

Asked about Trump's comments, civil rights attorney Leo Terrell said Trump had no room to speak when it comes to bigotry.

"Eric, Donald Trump doesn't know the definition of the word 'bigot'," Terrell began. "You don't hear Republicans on Capitol Hill supporting Donald Trump's definition of the term 'bigoted' as it applies to Hillary Clinton. It doesn't make sense, it's inexplicable."

After Terrell asserted that Clinton's speech on Trump's racist past was "fact-based," conservative Horace Cooper jump in to call the speech a "litany of lies."

Cooper praised Trump for telling African Americans that they would fare better under him, saying, "It's good  that someone is finally telling the truth!"

"Somebody needed to stand up and explain that the policies that the left and progressives have been pushing are bigoted because they don't assume there is any possibility for improvement for blacks," Cooper asserted, as Terrell cut in to tell him, "You should be ashamed of yourself."

"Why don't you answer Eric's question," Terrell asked Cooper. "Is Hillary Clinton a bigot?"

Cooper replied, "Absolutely," as Bolling stepped in and attempted to settle the men down, only for it later to turn into a shouting match over endorsements from the KKK, and Trump's engagement of the so-called racist "alt-right," with Terrell once again telling Cooper,"You should be ashamed of yourself!"

Watch the video below via Mediaite on YouTube: