GOP insiders bury Trump: 'It would take video of a smiling Hillary drowning puppies' for him to win
Donald Trump speaking at his veterans fundraiser in Iowa in January (Photo: Screen capture)

The despair over Donald Trump's candidacy has reached new lows among Republican insiders this week.

One day after Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak said that Republicans faced an "extinction-level event" this fall if Trump didn't drastically change course, several anonymous GOP insiders tell Politico that it's time to stick a fork in The Donald's presidential aspirations.

"Trump is underperforming so comprehensively," fumed one Iowa Republican. "It would take video evidence of a smiling Hillary drowning a litter of puppies while terrorists surrounded her with chants of 'Death to America.'"

A Wisconsin Republican, meanwhile, bemoaned the fact that Trump is woefully far behind Clinton when it comes to creating a competent get-out-the-vote operation in key swing states.

"Considering the disadvantage a GOP candidate starts with, the work in key targeted states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania has to be error-free," he said. "There is no evidence that Trump has done that or that he has much of a ground game to begin with."

Even one Republican who said Trump still had a chance to turn it around conceded that his time is running out very quickly -- and said that "if he doesn't move in 15 days, it's effectively over."

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