'He is a LIEberal': Shep Smith tells the truth about voter ID -- and conservatives freak out
Fox News host Shepard Smith reports on North Carolina's bid to reinstate its voter ID law on Aug. 31, 2016. (YouTube)

Fox News host Shepard Smith drew the ire of conservatives online on Wednesday after reporting on the Supreme Court's decision not to reinstate North Carolina's voter ID law for the November election.

"North Carolina had put in one of those 'You have to show an ID' rules which so often in Republican states are designed to keep some minorities from being able to vote, and they tried to reduce the number of voting days," Smith explained. "The US Supreme Court says that will not happen."

Smith's remark, as posted online, can be seen here.

The short update quickly had conservatives on Twitter convinced that Smith was out to get them -- or worse, auditioning for a "liberal" network, as indicated by the posts below.

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