Gary Johnson PAC perfectly trolls Trump by offering Melania a ‘pathway to citizenship’
Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson taunts Donald Trump on CNN (Screen cap)

New evidence emerged on Thursday that Melania Trump broke American immigration laws when she first came to the United States.

Although Mrs. Trump has since issued a statement denying that she ever broke the law, that didn't stop a PAC supporting Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson from finding the perfect way to troll her husband by killing him with kindness.

In a statement released on Thursday, the group Republicans for Johnson-Weld said that it wanted to pass legislation that would give people such as Melania a pathway to citizenship if they initially entered this country illegally.

"While Donald Trump is running on a platform to deport 12 million people, apparently including his own wife, Johnson-Weld stands for allowing people in Melania's circumstances to stay if they learn English, pay their back taxes, and pay a fine," the campaign wrote.

The Johnson-Weld ticket also promises to make "legal immigration vastly simpler and more available to people around the world -- including Slovenian models."

Check out the full statement below.