Radio host delivers a perfect line-by-line takedown of Tomi Lahren's brain-dead Kaepernick rant
The Blaze's Tomi Lahren gets named 'Donkey of the Day' by the Breakfast Club radio program (Screen cap).

Tomi Lahren is back in the news this week after her latest rant against 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick went viral via The Blaze's Facebook page.

Radio program "The Breakfast Club" was none too impressed with Lahren's scalding take on Kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem to protest police brutality, and show co-host Charlemagne offered a perfect line-by-line rebuttal to her video.

First, he torched Lahren's straw-man argument about Kaepernick trying to "blame white people for the problems in the minority communities."

"Tomi, when did Colin Kaepernick blame white people for anything?" Charlemagne asked. "I read the 20-minute transcripts, I listened to it, he doesn't even mention white people. He says there's things going on in this country that are unjust and that people aren't being held accountable for it. He said 'People!' He didn't say 'white people,' he said 'people!'"

He then blasted Lahren for trying to shame Kaepernick for criticizing the American criminal justice system because he's only half-black and he was adopted by two white people.

"He has white parents, and he's half white, so that means he can't speak up for minorities?" he said. "That's what really good God-fearing people do."

To cap it all off, he honored Lahren by playing the official "Donkey of the Day" theme song.

Listen to the whole segment below.