Tim Kaine slams Trump: 'He shouldn’t be within 10 time zones of being commander-in-chief'
Tim Kaine (YouTube)

Vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine appeared Thursday night on "The Late Show," where he and host Stephen Colbert traded Bible verses and ripped on Donald Trump.

Colbert asked Kaine to respond to Trump's recent accusation that Clinton was a bigot, and her running mate pointed to the Democratic candidate's lengthy record as a champion for civil rights.

"When Hillary Clinton got out of law school, she was working to help advance racial justice in the juvenile justice system in South Carolina and fight school segregation in Alabama, and I about that time got out of law school and was battling housing discrimination in the South and in Virginia," Kaine said.

"At his early career, Donald Trump was a real estate guy who got sued by the Justice Department for discriminating against people in housing (by) writing the letter C on applications if they were minority," Kaine continued. "Hillary Clinton has got a track record all the way back to being a middle schooler in a Methodist youth group of trying to advance priorities for others -- and Donald Trump's for himself."

Colbert asked Kaine, a fellow Roman Catholic, to cite his favorite verse from the New Testament, joking, "That's the Jesus one."

Kaine thought for a moment and then recited Philippians 2:3: "Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind consider one another as more important than yourself."

Colbert seemed impressed, but then showed off a bit of Latin when quoting his own favorite verse from Paul's letters to the Philippians: "Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are righteous, set your mind on these things."

Kaine was asked backstage by Extra to comment on Clinton's speech that same day harshly criticizing Trump and his campaign for bringing white supremacists and other hate groups into the political mainstream.

“You shouldn’t play around on this stuff," Kaine agreed. "You know Donald Trump has ties to the white supremacy groups -- you know, David Duke, other people like that weighing in and saying positive things about his candidacy.”

The former Virginia governor and Democratic National Committee chairman continued, saying Clinton had reminded voters what was at stake when choosing between her and Trump.

"This is fundamentally about the nation’s promise of equality," Kaine said. "If we are supposed to do a U-turn or not, so you got to take that seriously, and I’m really glad she just reminded everybody that is what is at stake in November.”

Kaine said he'd never met Trump, but he knows what he would say to the Republican presidential nominee if they ever came face to face: “How can you say the things you’re saying?”

“He is going around saying that the American military is a disaster, ridicules a Gold Star family, makes fun of John McCain because he was a POW -- that kind of personality shouldn’t be within 10 time zones of being commander-in-chief," Kaine added.