Trump lashes out after Morning Joe guest mocks him for upgrading 'from diapers to big boy pants'
Morning Joe discusses the Trump campaign's implosion (Screen cap).

Donald Trump likes to talk about how he never watches the "low-rated" Morning Joe program on MSNBC -- and yet he always somehow manages to find an excuse to tune in.

That happened on Monday morning, where Trump watched the program to see MSNBC political analyst Rick Tyler mocking RNC Chairman Reince Priebus for giving Trump a pat on the head after he managed to make it through a couple of days without horribly offending the entire country.

"He's sort of talking about his candidate as if he graduated from diapers to big boy pants," said Tyler, whose remark drew audible laughter from fellow panelists. "This is not great progress. His new tone, I don't understand what the new tone is."

Elsewhere on the program on Monday, co-host Mika Brzezinski mocked a Trump speech over the weekend where he talked about how Americans would "lose everything" if Hillary Clinton were elected president.

"He belted like, honestly, like he’s had a lot to drink," she joked. "His delivery is very 'Blaaaaaagh!'"

All of this criticism quickly set off the infamously thin-skinned Trump, who fired out tweets attacking Brzezinski for being a "not very bright mess."

He then threatened to spill the beans on some secrets about Joe and Mika that would presumably embarrass them.

Joe Scarborough quickly responded with a tweet of his own:

At any rate, it looks like the latest Trump attempt at a "pivot" has come to an end, as he's back to his old habits of furiously reacting anytime people on cable news say anything nasty about him.

Check out the clip of Tyler mocking Trump's big boy pants below.